Forknite – Maria Przybyszewska + The Eatery 08.10

12:30 – 13:30

Maria Przybyszewska is a plant-based chef, recipe developer and content creator. She firmly believes that a plant-based food culture is the only way forward and tries to further her mission by making easy and delicious products and recipes.

Together with The Eatery, she will host a culinary pop-up at SCOPES, reimagining Polish classics with a modern twist and plant-based ingredients.

Maria Przybyszewska to szefowa kuchni, dla której dieta roślinna to coś więcej niż trend w odżywianiu. To sposób na życie, który jej zdaniem powinien stać się normą dla każdego, w perspektywie kilkudziecięciu lat, dlatego propaguje prostą, zrównoważoną dietę, bazującą na roślinach i sezonowości.

Razem z The Eatery, Maria będzie gospodarzem kulinarnego pop-upu podczas SCOPES, podając polskie klasyki w nowoczesnym wydaniu.


06.10.2021 – 10.10.2021
at Komuna Warszawa, Emilii Plater 31, 00-688 Warszawa, Poland

SCOPES WARSZAWA is a performative conference connecting pioneers from the fields of design, arts, music and technology.

The temporary space, as well as our global online collective strives to shift the perspectives of tomorrow and open up a dialogue to inspire, innovate and interact.

SCOPES WARSZAWA doesn’t believe in separation. SCOPES is about matchmaking. Through co-creation, the collective creates true innovation. Everything is connected. The overlap and usage of digital and physical formats is natural and independent from possible restrictions.

In a polarized country, the city represents the hub of progressive thinking, regrouping the huge potential of the young Polish talents with a particularity: a strong DIY culture. The need for a positive change with a fresh approach to the current challenges activates the collaborative civil society to create the tales of tomorrow.

Komuna Warszawa
Emilii Plater 31
00-688 Warszawa