Face The Future – Johanna Jaskowska

17:30 – 19:30

Johanna Jaskowska is a digital artist, driving creative storytelling through technology. She’s gained a large following by designing unique face filters that have been used by the likes of Grimes and Lil Miquela.

At SCOPES, she will host a talk, sharing her thoughts on technology and experimentation. She will also present an installation connected to her newest Instagram filter, making faces appear as if they are under a stream of flowing water.

Johanna Jaskowska to artystka cyfrowa, która przy pomocy technologii tworzy kreatywne opowieści. Zdobyła wielu zwolenników, projektując unikalne, digitalowe filtry, używane m.in. przez Grimes czy Lil Miquela.

Podczas SCOPES poprowadzi wykład, dzieląc się swoimi przemyśleniami na temat technologii i eksperymentów w sztuce. Zaprezentuje też instalację połączoną z jej najnowszym filtrem na Instagramie, dzięki której twarze sprawiają wrażenie, jakby znajdowały się pod strumieniem płynącej wody.


06.10.2021 – 10.10.2021
at Komuna Warszawa, Emilii Plater 31, 00-688 Warszawa, Poland

SCOPES WARSZAWA is a performative conference connecting pioneers from the fields of design, arts, music and technology.

The temporary space, as well as our global online collective strives to shift the perspectives of tomorrow and open up a dialogue to inspire, innovate and interact.

SCOPES WARSZAWA doesn’t believe in separation. SCOPES is about matchmaking. Through co-creation, the collective creates true innovation. Everything is connected. The overlap and usage of digital and physical formats is natural and independent from possible restrictions.

In a polarized country, the city represents the hub of progressive thinking, regrouping the huge potential of the young Polish talents with a particularity: a strong DIY culture. The need for a positive change with a fresh approach to the current challenges activates the collaborative civil society to create the tales of tomorrow.

Komuna Warszawa
Emilii Plater 31
00-688 Warszawa