Driving Through Time - Independent House + Type 7

14:00 – 15:00

Independent House was established three years ago as a space for the appreciation of high-end fashion culture. Timeless art, fashion, design and books meet to tell a unique story in this concept store.

At SCOPES, Independent House will host a panel titled „Timeless Design” alongside Type7’s Ted Gushue, sharing unique insights on the art of dressing, aiming to educate about the culture of attire and promoting smart decision-making based on true needs instead of compulsive shopping. During the event, some of Porsche’s most iconic classic cars will be displayed for audiences to enjoy.

Independent House został założony 3 lata temu z myślą o tym, by stworzyć miejsce, które doceniłoby najwyższej jakości modę. To concept store, w którym można znaleźć ponadczasowe ubrania, sztukę design i książki.

Podczas festiwalu, Independent House wraz z Ted Gushue z Type7 poprowadzi panel dyskusyjny pod hasłem „Timeless Design”, poświęcony edukowaniu w dziedzinie kultury ubioru oraz promowaniu przemyślanych decyzji zakupowych, opartych na prawdziwych potrzebach. Podczas wydarzenia, goście będą mieli okazje podziwiać jedne z najbardziej kultowych, klasycznych modeli Porsche.


06.10.2021 – 10.10.2021
at Komuna Warszawa, Emilii Plater 31, 00-688 Warszawa, Poland

SCOPES WARSZAWA is a performative conference connecting pioneers from the fields of design, arts, music and technology.

The temporary space, as well as our global online collective strives to shift the perspectives of tomorrow and open up a dialogue to inspire, innovate and interact.

SCOPES WARSZAWA doesn’t believe in separation. SCOPES is about matchmaking. Through co-creation, the collective creates true innovation. Everything is connected. The overlap and usage of digital and physical formats is natural and independent from possible restrictions.

In a polarized country, the city represents the hub of progressive thinking, regrouping the huge potential of the young Polish talents with a particularity: a strong DIY culture. The need for a positive change with a fresh approach to the current challenges activates the collaborative civil society to create the tales of tomorrow.

Komuna Warszawa
Emilii Plater 31
00-688 Warszawa